• Thinking about advocate marketing technology? In this 7-step guide you'll find everything you need to know to make the right decision.

    7 steps to choosing the right advocate marketing software

  • Take customer, employee and partner engagement to new heights. Our cloud platform gives you the power to activate your loyal fans to support your business.

    • ▶ Build a brand community
    • ▶ Amplify word-of-mouth
    • ▶ Create content prospects love
    • ▶ Generate Referrals


Advocate marketing made easy

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Identify and invite customers into your advocate marketing program. Create an active customer community that supports your marketing objectives.


Create challenges to drive advocate activity when and where you need it. Reward advocate behavior to drive deeper engagement and customer loyalty.


Gamify your advocate marketing program to build momentum and long-term engagement.


Track results and analyze behaviour to identify winning strategies, top advocates and ROI. Drive continual improvement and a progressive increase in bottom-line results.

How advocate marketing works...

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Marketing is about creating customers. Advocate Marketing is about creating customers that create more customers.

By building an active community of highly satisfied customers you can support every aspect of your marketing strategy with an authentic voice that prospects really trust: word of mouth.

Advocate marketing helps you amplify word of mouth recommendations to drive more business.

Why advocate marketing?

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Customers are your most valuable marketing asset

Most marketers are focused on stuffing the sales funnel – generating leads for the sales team. When sales close a deal the marketing department disengage. A deal is a win. End of story. There are account managers and support people to take care of customers, right? But what many marketing people miss is that customers are the most powerful asset you’ve got.

Drive product development

But that's not all. You can engage enthusiastic customers to help you design the next generation of products (or services) that they want to buy. It's the most powerful (and cheapest) form of market research there is. And when you give them what they want, they'll shout louder than ever about how happy they are.

Word of mouth wins

For 84% of B2B buyers, word of mouth (WoM) is the #1 influence on purchasing decisions. People ignore advertising, distrust sales people, and are sceptical about your marketing claims. What they want is authentic, eye-level content that tells the real story. Only your customers can do this for you. Encouraging enthusiastic customers to make more recommendations and generate customer content has a serious impact on sales and revenue. And compared to traditional advertising tactics, word of mouth is a low cost channel.

Create a brand community

And there's more. By building a brand community you create dialog between customers themselves; somewhere they can discuss your products and services - and how to get the most out of them. Imagine the value that would give to your customers. Imagine the insight you could gain from a brand community. Understanding the needs of customers is one of the biggest challenges in marketing today. Building a brand community gives you a vital resource you can tap for intelligence and assistance.


What advocate marketing can do for you...

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Increase revenue

Scaling up word-of-mouth recommendations online and offline to drive more new business referrals.

Close sales faster

Match ready-to-buy prospects with satisfied customers to prove value and close more sales, more quickly.

Create Powerful content

Create more customer-driven content that tells authentic stories about customer problems and real-world solutions.

"We uncovered an absolute goldmine of happy and enthusiastic customers."

WHITEPAPER: What is Advocate Marketing?

Not sure where to start? Get a high level view of what an Advocate Marketing program can do for you in this exclusive whitepaper. Learn how your star customers can help drive marketing, sales and product development in this exclusive whitepaper.


Advocate marketing solutions

CustomerAdvocacy.com is a powerful, flexible platform for B2B marketers - combining community management with gamification, social media integration and process management. Our cloud technology helps you get the most out of your advocate communities - in one flexible platform.

Customer Advocacy

Amplify word-of-mouth recommendations

Employee Advocacy

Activate your employees as a social media army

Reference Management

Get the "social proof" your salespeople need to close sales


Build the products your customers really want

"We started our brand advocacy program with employees and extended it to our customer community. The dynamics are a little different but the platform is very flexible."

Power + Simplicity

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Brand community

Build a community of enthusiastic customers and create buzz around what you do. You can quickly scale a program of 100's or 1000's of advocates.

Social sharing

Make advocacy easy for customers with one-click sharing of content directly to their social accounts. Rapidly generate social proofs.


Make the advocacy program fun and engaging using our built-in gamification platform engine. It's easy to setup and generates great results.

Sales Reference

Quickly match reference requests from sales with customers in your community to close more deals faster. Use our workflow and microsites to improve reference quality.

Brand Consistency

Customize the advocate portal and advocate communications to reflect your own branding and tone of voice


Manage any type of community (customers, employees, partners) with complete freedom to create challenges and rewards.


Connect your Advocate Marketing Program with CRM and other marketing tech to share data across one easy-to-use API.

Tracking and Analytics

Track activity to drive continual improvement of your Advocacy Program and demonstrate ROI.

Ready to see it right now?


Our advocate champions

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"We've activated our customers to represent us on social media, priming new customers with the value we deliver."


"Finally, we're able to build deeper relationships with our customers that are mutually beneficial."


"With CustomerAdvocacy.com we can easily match customer references with sales prospects to remove doubts and close sales."


"For a long time, customers were a resource we were simply weren't using. Now they're involved in almost every aspect of our business."


"In a social media crisis, we have an army of happy customers ready to defend what we do."

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"High Performer"

CustomerAdvocacy.com named a High Performer in G2 Crowd's Brand Advocacy Software Grid, Spring 2016

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“If you haven’t put structure and process around advocacy marketing, start now. One of the first discoveries that marketers encounter is that more than half their customers are willing to publicly advocate their favorite products online.”