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VIDEO: Why advocate marketing?

Learn how an advocate marketing program can help you achieve your marketing and business objectives.


VIDEO: How influential are your advocates?

Customers are a powerful marketing force that is overlooked by many organizations today.


AUDIO BOOK: What is advocate marketing?

In this audio book we introduce advocate marketing and brand advocacy.


VIDEO: The customer perspective

See from the customer perspective.


WHITEPAPER: What is advocate marketing?

Not sure where to start? Get a high level view of what an Advocate Marketing program can do for you in this exclusive whitepaper. Learn how your star customers can help drive marketing, sales and product development in this exclusive whitepaper.


WHITEPAPER: 7 steps to choosing the right advocate marketing software

The right advocate marketing software will help you drive word-of-mouth recommendations, extend your marketing reach, establish a winning reference management program, and deliver customer-oriented product innovation.


INFOGRAPHIC: The importance of B2B customer advocacy

Word of mouth is the #1 trusted source of information for B2B buyers, meaning your customers are your greatest asset. Brand advocates are influencing purchases, sharing information and creating content about your products and services.
Yet many B2B marketers are finding it challenging to find and motivate their rock-star customers to engage with the business.
This Infographic looks at the value of brand advocates, what they can do for you, and how you can effectively engage them.


CASE STUDY: How Axios Systems implemented advocate marketing

Axios Systems’ goal was to increase bottom-line revenue, drive product innovation, improve customer satisfaction and convert loyal customers into brand advocates. Within 6 months of using the platform they:

  • - Doubled the number of sales references
  • - Generated 3x more customer proof points
  • - Doubled the size of their brand advocate community


PRODUCT BROCHURE: Advocate Marketing Software

Our cloud platform gives your marketing team the power to activate customer and employee communities as brand advocates. Find out what can do for your organization.


Advocate marketing blog

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  • Bring customers into your R&D to drive satisfaction and advocacy

    Delivering a remarkable product is the root of customer satisfaction and advocacy Customers are happy when they get what they need; when you meet their expectations. When they’re happy, they recommend your brand to their peers. When you exceed their expectations, brand advocacy goes into overdrive. The challenge is this: in highly competitive, fast-moving markets,Continue Reading

  • How advocate marketing can explode your event marketing ROI

    Engage your happy customers to squeeze more value from your trade show investments The challenge In the post-crisis economy, day-to-day work pressures and continuing travel bans mean that attendance rates at many industry trade shows remain low. Couple this with rising event costs and tight event marketing budgets and what you have is a perfectContinue Reading

  • Why your customers are your best salespeople

    3 reasons why happy customers are better at selling than your sales team Prospective buyers hate pushy sales people, particularly when they interrupt them at the wrong time. It’s always the wrong time. They hate sales people even more when they just talk about their products and don’t take the time to understand their business and listenContinue Reading

  • B2C vs B2B Brand Advocacy: 6 Differences

    There are fundamental differences between marketing to consumers and marketing to business buyers: B2B buyers are logical and systematic. Consumers make purchase decisions on a more emotional level. Because these differences impact the way people buy, they also impact the way people advocate the brands they use. With different audiences, motivations, considerations and responsibilities to consider, many ofContinue Reading

  • Choosing the right advocate marketing software: Step 7 – Get Customer Opinions

    Continuing our Choosing the right advocate marketing software blog series, this week we discuss how you can get real customer opinions to validate (or refute) what vendors tell you about their advocacy platforms. Be skeptical about what vendors say. There’s a profit motive behind what they do, so can you really trust everything you’ve seen on a vendor’sContinue Reading

  • Guest blog: Axios Systems selects as alternative to Influitive

    Today we have a guest post from Jessica Baculik at Axios Systems. The guys at asked me to tell the story of our advocacy platform selection, so here goes… We knew we needed to bring more customers into our marketing activities to support our objectives – to scale up marketing reach, drive referrals, launch moreContinue Reading

  • Choosing the right advocate marketing software: Step 6 – Head-to-head evaluation

    Continuing our Choosing the right advocate marketing software blog series, this week we discuss head-to-head evaluations – the final vendor-vs-vendor stage. Whether your short-list was three, four or five vendors, you’ll probably end up with a head-to-head battle between the two most obvious contenders (those that have the best fit with your documented requirements) before you can makeContinue Reading

  • Choosing the right advocate marketing software: Step 5 – Deep Dive Evaluation

    Continuing our Choosing the right advocate marketing software blog series, this week we discuss deep-dive evaluations of brand advocacy solutions. Take a test drive Cloud technology companies invariably offer instant-access trials. Again, using your requirements matrix as a guide, systematically check each one of your functional requirements (what you need the software to do) against each demo environment,Continue Reading

  • Choosing the right brand advocacy software: Step 4 – Narrow the field

    Continuing our Choosing the right advocate marketing software blog series, this week we discuss how you can whittle down your long-list of vendors. If you’ve not already been following this series, you might like to go back to the first blog: Choosing the right advocate marketing platform- Step 1: Form the right team. Before you take aContinue Reading

  • Choosing the right brand advocacy software: Step 3 – Draw up a long list

    Continuing our How to choose the right brand advocacy software blog series, this week we discuss how you can begin your vendor selection process. Due diligence is the key to choosing the right advocate marketing software. Now that you know precisely what you need, it’s the time to start doing your research – finding out more about who’s in theContinue Reading

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