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Peer opinion is the single biggest influence on B2B purchasing decisions. When companies make high value purchases, they need proof that your products (or services) do what you say they do. They want to hear from your customers to validate your claims before they commit thousands or hundreds of thousands of company dollars. The bigger the purchase the more cautious they are – and the more important social proof becomes to eliminate doubt and make a purchase decision.
As a B2B marketer, you’ll already know the power of customer opinion. You’re probably already doing advocate marketing – case studies, customer videos, reference calls, quotes and testimonials – and you’ll know how difficult it can be to find the right customer for each situation.
CustomerAdvocacy.com makes it easy to find and activate your satisfied customers as a powerful marketing force – one that can be harnessed to support your objectives. Our easy-to-use web-based solution helps you quickly build a customer community – an army of happy customers which you can activate to promote your products, refer prospects, take reference calls, create and share content, and more.

Build a brand community

Put customers at the center of your organization by building a community of enthusiastic customers who will help you design, market and sell your products.


Use happy customers as an extension of your marketing team to talk about your products and share your content.

Create content prospects love

Get customers involved and produce high-quality content that tells the true story about the value you deliver - the sort of content prospects really want.

Generate referrals

Turn word of mouth into leads by activating your best customers as an extension to your sales force – referring you prospects that already know what’s great about you.

Activate a social media army

If you’re struggling to engage with prospects on social media, activate your customers to engage on your behalf with authentic stories that prospects trust.

Build better products

Integrate customer feedback into R&D to help you design the products that they want to buy – then activate these advocates to help seed the launch.

Here's How...

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1. Discover your most enthusiastic customers

Ask your customers the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey question: "How likely are you to recommend us to a colleague or friend (0-10)?" to identify happy customers. Customers that answer 9 or 10 are the most likely to advocate your products or services.

  • Built-in NPS survey functionality helps you jump-start your search for your most enthusiastic customers.
  • Automatically invite your 9's and 10's to join your customer community.
  • Easily embed the NPS survey in all your customer touch-points to optimize reach and keep your data fresh.

"We uncovered an absolute goldmine of happy and enthusiastic customers."


2. Recruit customers into your brand community

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Whether it's a via customer survey or direct invitation, it's easy for your customers to join your brand community.
The hub of the community is a branded web portal where you can interact with your customers, and customers can engage with each other.

"It was easy for us to configure the portal to mirror our own brand identity and color scheme,making it a familiar and seamless experience for customers."


3. Profile and segment

Rich user profiles for you and your customers enable a more human, personal and engaging community experience where deeper relationships can be built. Profiling is the foundation of targeting, so built-in gamification encourages your customers to complete their profiles to ensure you can always find the right advocate.

Customer profiling

Rich profile information helps you to know your customers better, quickly create effective buyer personas and focus marketing efforts on the right people in the right place.


Customer segments

Segment your community based on any profile data point or combination of data points to micro-target your advocate challenges to the right customers - helping you spread the burden across your community and avoid advocate "burn-out".


4. Challenge, recognize and reward

Create challenges to direct advocate behaviour and target them to a customer (or customers) appropriate for a job. CustomerAdvocacy.com gives you the ultimate in flexibility: create your own custom challenges and target them at precise customer groups that match your desired profile. All this is supported by a gamification engine that automates recognition and rewards customers through innovative use of points, badges, levels and leader boards.


Typical Challenges...

Customer reviews

Build a community of enthusiastic customers and create buzz around what you do. You can quickly scale a program of 100's and 1000's of advocates.

Prospect Q&A

Prospects with questions about your products trust your customers more than they trust your sales and marketing people.


Happy customers network with their peers and refer prospects that are already "primed" with how great you are.

Sales references

Connect your customers with ready-to-buy prospects to get authentic proof of the value you deliver and push the sale forward.

Social Support

Customers extend your social reach and give your content credibility by liking, sharing and following.

Customer content

Get customers involved in case studies, webinars, whitepapers, videos and other content to give it a more authentic edge.

Voice of the customer

Involve your customers in your R&D to create the next generation of product/services that they want to buy.

Event speakers

Invite your best customers to speak at industry events and tell their own authentic customer stories.

5. Reporting and Analytics

Creating an online brand community makes advocate activity measurable - and measurable means manageable. CustomerAdvocacy.com gives you the intel you need to manage and improve your advocate program at the click of a button. With it you can track advocate behaviour, quantify results and demonstrate the ROI of your advocate marketing program. Most marketers are truly surprised by the returns they see.

CustomerAdvocacy.com makes it easy to answer the difficult advocate marketing questions:

  • Customer sentiment: How many customers are NPS "detractors", "passives" and "promoters"?
  • Brand community: How healthy is your advocate community?
  • Engagement level: How energized and involved are the advocates in your community?
  • Reference calls: How many sales opps have been supported by your advocate program?
  • Social Media: How have advocates extended your social reach?
  • R&D suggestions: What contribution are customers making to your next generation of products and services?

Ready to see it right now?


Why choose CustomerAdvocacy.com?

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B2B Advocacy Experts

Customeradvocacy.com was created by B2B marketers for B2B marketers – and the complex challenges you face.


Our easy-to-use gamification engine helps keep your customer motivated and engaged by making advocacy fun.

Reference Management

Innovative reference management tools make it easy for your salespeople to connect prospects with customers.

Easy Sharing

One-click sharing makes it easy for advocates to share your content to their social networks.


Connect CustomerAdvocacy.com with your CRM tool to give salespeople a comprehensive single view of the customer.


Complete freedom and flexibility means you can engage and motivate customers, partners, employees or any other group.

"A lot of people were sceptical about the potential ROI on our advocate marketing program, because it was something new and they didn't really get it yet, but we quickly demonstrated some impressive results from our pilot initiative and garnered the support we needed to grow the scope and scale of the program."

WHITEPAPER: What is Advocate Marketing?

Not sure where to start? Get a high level view of what an Advocate Marketing program can do for you in this exclusive whitepaper. Learn how your star customers can help drive marketing, sales and product development in this exclusive whitepaper.



"Robust advocacy-making programs are achieving significant revenue gains - for both customer and business-to-business companies."