B2B Lead Generation with Customer Content

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Content is one of the hottest buzzwords in B2B marketing. One of the reasons being it holds the ability to boost sales by increasing lead generation. In the B2B world, you can’t do good marketing without good content.

B2B buyers are in complete control of the content they seek and the answers they need – sourcing it themselves online. It is estimated that 60% of the purchase cycle is already taken care of by content marketing before a lead makes contact with a salesperson. Imagine you had the ability to mobilize an army of current customers to generate high quality marketing content for your brand – content that told your story with an authentic customer voice. What advantages would that hold for your lead generation activities?


The number and quality of marketing assets you position and deploy will ultimately dictate how well your brand will rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). More keyword-rich, high quality content means higher rankings, meaning more organic traffic to your website. With higher quality content, incorporating genuine customer stories your content will convert more visitors into leads, making for a healthier sales pipeline and more revenue.

Thought Leadership

Content is critical to establishing your company as the industry experts. Through the use of case studies, customer webinars, blog posts, reviews and other assets, companies establish themselves as valuable, knowledgeable and dependable – a “go-to” resource for information on how to solve business problems. This approach will grant you an authority position in the minds of your prospects, making it more likely that you will be shortlisted for vendor evaluation.

Customer Endorsement

Never underestimate how powerful case studies, testimonial and other “social proof” can be in overcoming objections and reservations from potential buyers. In the B2B world, buyers are naturally cautious about spending five, six or even seven figures, so authentic customer case studies provide evidence to back up the claims made by your sales and marketing people. Case studies are distinctively influential because they focus purely on a project’s success, and specifically your role in that success. It’s your chance to demonstrate with a real-life example the value and power of the products and service you sell. Case studies are powerful advertisement for your brand – your client is congratulating your company. Show it off.

Customer engagement

The more your prospects are exposed to your content, the more comfortable they will feel with your brand. The result is that they will become more inclined to interact with your company through social media, therefore not only increasing lead generation, but also speeding up the sales cycle.

If you have a brand advocate program that effectively engages and incentivises your customers to generate “customer generated content” – case studies, testimonials, video testimonials, quotes and online reviews – not only will you be cementing the relationship with your customers (which increases loyalty, decreases customer churn and boosts revenue growth), you will also heighten your brand’s online presence for B2B buyers.

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