Benefits of Advocate Marketing

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Advocate marketing is all about maximizing the value customers bring to an organization – by recruiting and motivating customers to provide references, business referrals and feedback to drive your business forward. The primary value of your customers comes from the direct revenues that they bring to the table, but there is a second dimension – the use of your customer base to support marketing and sales operations, product development and company strategy.

Through advocate marketing, you can enable the business and drive incremental increases in revenue by harnessing the power of the customer in an orchestrated, business-focused manner. Customers deliver value in three key areas:

  • References – word of mouth recommendations that demonstrate the real-world
    value that your organization’s products and services deliver to customers.
  • Business Referrals – Customers referring prospective customers to your sales
  • Feedback – Customer feedback on your products and services to ensure they
    continue to meet the market need.

These three key areas translate directly into benefits for the Marketing, Sales and R&D teams:

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This table is an extract from our whitepaper: “What is Advocate Marketing?”

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