Choosing the right brand advocacy software: Step 2 – Work out what you need

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This week we continue our blog series – How to choose the right advocate marketing software. Last week we discussed Step 1 in the process of selecting the right advocate marketing solution – Form the right team, this week we look at requirements: how to work out what your really need and how you can capture and prioritize these requirementsContinue Reading Tagged With: , , ,
Step 1 to choosing the right advocate marketing software is choosing the right team

Choosing the right brand advocacy software: Step 1 – Form the right team

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So you’ve decided you want to build or boost your advocate marketing program? By now, you’ve probably worked out that you can do advocate marketing manually, but if you really want to scale things up and get the best results, you’re going to need supporting technology. For the next 7 weeks, we’ll be looking at how youContinue Reading Tagged With: , ,
Choosing advocate marketing software - whitepaper download

Choosing the right advocate marketing software

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Advocate marketing is a relatively new field of marketing (only around 20% of companies have an advocate marketing program). It can be difficult to evaluate which platform is right for you: few customers in the market have a deep understanding of the features and functions that brand advocacy platforms offer. It’s a challenging choice– soContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , , named a High Performer in G2 Crowd’s Brand Advocacy Software Grid

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G2 Crowd’s Brand Advocacy Software Grid Spring 2016 helps buyers choose the right brand advocacy platform. is named a High Performer, with 100% of users rating our product with 4 or 5 stars. Brand advocacy platforms help organizations strengthen their brands and drive revenue by amplifying word-of-mouth recommendations, referrals, references and content sharing. Brand advocacyContinue Reading Tagged With: , , ,

5 things to consider when choosing advocate marketing software

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Advocate marketing programs usually start with the marketing department, but engaging with customer and employee communities brings benefits to other business units. As such, although an advocate marketing program may be led by marketing, there are a broader set of business stakeholders to consider when planning your program and selecting advocate marketing technology. Organizations shouldContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , ,

5 ways Advocate Marketing helps drive Content Marketing

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Content marketing continues to grow in popularity among B2B companies, but content marketers face a number of serious challenges. As a content marketer, an advocate marketing program (which harnesses customer and employee communities to support your marketing objectives) can help you solve some of these challenges; but not all. Let’s not pretend that an advocateContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , ,

Why innovators advocate bleeding edge tech brands

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A significant body of research now shows that providing a great customer experience is the main reason why customers advocate a brand. Delivering remarkable value and customer service creates advocacy. But this is a generalization. If we look more closely at why different types of customer are driven to advocate the technology products they use,Continue Reading Tagged With: , , , ,

Benefits of Advocate Marketing

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Advocate marketing is all about maximizing the value customers bring to an organization – by recruiting and motivating customers to provide references, business referrals and feedback to drive your business forward. The primary value of your customers comes from the direct revenues that they bring to the table, but there is a second dimension – the use of yourContinue Reading Tagged With:

Advocates vs Influencers

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Most B2B organizations incorporate influencers (some may use the umbrella term “influencer marketing”) into their B2B marketing strategy: engaging with industry analysts (Analyst Relations) and journalists (PR). But they often overlook the power of customers and employees as brand advocates, or struggle to find and engage these advocates. Influencers don’t really care about your brand.Continue Reading Tagged With: , ,

What is Advocate Marketing? [Whitepaper]

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Whether you are listening or not, your customers are talking about you – recommending or disapproving your products and services to their peers, colleagues, family and friends. Brand Advocacy is when a customer, employee, partner or influencer voices a positive opinion about your organization, products or services to another customer, prospect, or the market as aContinue Reading Tagged With: , , ,