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Choosing the right advocate marketing software

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Advocate marketing is a relatively new field of marketing (only around 20% of companies have an advocate marketing program). It can be difficult to evaluate which platform is right for you: few customers in the market have a deep understanding of the features and functions that brand advocacy platforms offer. It’s a challenging choice– so planning how you’re going to make the decision is critical to getting it right.

A technology selection project should always start with working out exactly what you need, finding out who’s in the market, and then narrowing the field to a smaller number of vendors. Scrutinizing every vendor in the market simply isn’t possible (or necessary), so you’ll need to knock out the weaker contenders at an early stage and zoom in on the most likely candidates.

Getting the right advocate marketing software will help you drive an exponential increase in word-of-mouth recommendations, extend your marketing reach, establish a winning reference management program, and deliver better products and services by bringing customers into your R&D cycle. Make the wrong decision and you’ll not only waste time and money; you may forever tarnish the whole concept of advocate marketing within your organization. Like most new technology projects, you get one real shot at it. It gets harder to create groundswell a second time round, so it pays to think it through before you begin.

7 steps for choosing the right advocate marketing software

The 7 step process for choosing brand advocacy software

Drawing on insights from industry analysts, consultants, research and real customers, our new PDF guide – 7 steps to choosing the right advocate marketing software – details the key steps to guide your evaluation process. You can download it right here…

Whitepaper: 7 steps to choosing the right advocate marketing software

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