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Axios Systems


“CustomerAdvocacy.com enabled us to deliver our advocate marketing program with minimal internal resources.
As a result we have increased bottom line sales revenue, supported product innovation and adoption and improved customer satisfaction.
CustomerAdvocacy.com is now the heart of our advocacy initiatives and has exceeded expectations. They keep enhancing the platform in ways that help us deliver more value in our program.”


Our Advocate Champions


"We've activated our customers to represent us on social media, priming new customers with the value we deliver."


"Finally, we're able to build deeper relationships with our customers that are mutually beneficial."


"With CustomerAdvocacy.com we can easily match customer references with sales prospects to remove doubts and close sales."


"For a long time, customers were a resource we simply weren't using. Now they're involved in almost every aspect of our business."


"In a social media crisis, we have an army of happy customers ready to defend what we do."

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