Employee Advocacy Software

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What is employee advocacy?

Employee advocacy is about involving your employees in your marketing activities: sharing branded content, answering customer questions on social media sites, defending your brand reputation, providing feedback and ideas about your products, and more. Employee advocacy means talking about your brand and your products – with customers, prospects, industry influencers...and other employees – to create a “buzz”.

Research shows that a third of employees have posted content online about their employer (without being asked to do so) and over half of employees have defended their company’s reputation online or offline. Employee advocacy programs work to amplify and extend this activity – to explore new ways in which your employees can support the goals of your organization.

Our advocacy platform takes the legwork out of building an employee advocacy program.

Employee Advocacy

Your employees are a hidden sales force. Give them incentives to spread the word and bring in new business leads, sourced from their own networks.

Social Media Army

If you’re struggling to scale-up your social media efforts, activate your staff to engage with customers and prospects and extend your social reach.

Employer Brand

It’s great working for your organization - so empowering staff to share authentic stories of their successes will have the talent coming to you.

Incentivize Feedback

Listen to the “voice of the employee” to find out what’s working for them – and what needs to change to maximize their potential.

Drive Innovation

New ideas don’t just come from the R&D team. Expand idea generation out across the whole organization and draw from a bigger innovation pool.

Fast-track Training

Set out gamified training programs that fast-track new employees to productivity - and continually build on your existing staff community’s skills.

Here's how...

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1. Build an employee community

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Invite your employees to join your employee community and create their own user profiles – including who they are, what they do, their knowledge, skills, preferences, interests and professional goals.

These rich profiles not only help you target challenges to the right people, they also help you get to know your people better.

“Building an employee community was easier than we had thought. We communicated what we wanted to do and within two weeks we had over 60% of our staff registered and active.”


2. Plan and target

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When planning marketing projects, factor in how your employee community could help spread the load - by crowdsourcing content, reviewing, or sharing to their networks.

Once you’ve identified the tactical tasks you need assistance with, you can easily segment the community to target the people who will be most likely and able to help.

“When we needed assistance with our social media strategy we used to send out email requests to other departments trying to find help...the responses were never very good. Now we know who the socially active people are and we can target them to get them involved.”


3. Challenge, recognize and reward

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You have ultimate flexibility to create any sort of challenge you want. Set up a challenge, define a reward and target it to the right people in just a few clicks.

All this is supported by a gamification engine that automates recognition and rewards employees through innovative use of points, badges, levels and leader boards.

“We can create and deploy challenges within minutes and get responses almost immediately. The old process used to take days.”


Typical challenges...

Share Content

Expand the reach of your marketing department into your employees’ extended social networks.

Support Recruitment

Mobilize your employees to share positive stories about working for your company – and challenge them to recommend new talent.

Stay in Touch

Incentivise employee feedback helping you keep a finger on the pulse of employee satisfaction and make positive changes.

Expand Innovation

Pull new ideas about products, services and operations from the people who live and breathe your business – your staff.

4. Reporting and analytics

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Our reporting and analytics tools track where and how your employees are active. Detailed reports help you to quantify precisely how each challenge has supported your marketing objectives.

Meanwhile, high-level reports provide a view of overall activity, who is most engaged and energized (and who is not) and which challenges were picked up – pointing to the areas where your employee advocacy program may need a little adjustment.

“The leader boards introduced a bit of friendly competition that really drives activity and because employees can see each other’s activity, our superusers really helped show the way.”


Why choose CustomerAdvocacy.com?

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Easy Sharing

One-click sharing makes it easy for employees to share your content to their social networks.


Our easy-to-use gamification engine helps keep your employees motivated and engaged by making work more fun.


Complete freedom and flexibility means you can engage and motivate customers, partners, employees or any other group.

See how it works