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    B2B Customer Reference Management


What ReferenceNow® can do for you

Close sales faster

Connect prospects with happy customers to prove value and close sales quickly.

Avoid customer burnout

Spread the burden of customer references across a broader pool of customers.

One customer view

CRM integration gives marketing and sales a shared view of the customer.

Demonstrate ROI

Track the impact of customer references on opportunities and top-line sales revenue.

Get the references you need to close sales, faster

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For high value B2B purchases, checking customer references is a critical part of the buying process. When buyers are about to spend 5, 6 or 7 figure sums, they need reassuarance that your products will do what you say they do. They need authentic, unbiased proof. The only place they can get that is from your customers. Without them, there's no deal. Customer references are the most powerful sales tool, but finding the right customer for each prospect can be a real challenge. Manually hunting down appropriate customers takes time and lengthens the sales cycle, giving your competitors time to slip in and steal the deal. As a result, busy marketers often end up relying on the same handful of customers - leading to reference burnout.

ReferenceNow® transforms the reference management process by establishing a formal customer reference program. By centralizing the process and supporting customer data you can easily match the right customer with the right prospect and close more sales faster. ReferenceNow® is an extension to our Advocate Marketing platform that integrates with CRM tools like Salesforce.com to let salespeople make reference requests at the click of a button. From here, you decide the workflow you want the process to follow. With ReferenceNow®, you can have a customer management program that is streamlined, controlled and tracked.

Here's How...

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1. Making reference requests easy

Our ReferenceNow® extension makes it easy for your salespeople to request customer references. Tight integration with your CRM tool (via our Salesforce.com app or REST API) enables visibility of the full advocate history of each customer. And our matching tool makes finding the right reference customer a snap - without ever leaving the CRM tool.

“As a big user of SalesForce we love the salesforce App. It syncs all the intelligence on our customer advocacy and reference program to the fingertips of our sales team”

2. Centralize management and create workflows

Establish an efficient and controlled process of execution that fits with your specific needs - from simple account manager authorizations, to complex processes that involve multiple functions. You can even setup different workflows to support different types of reference requests. And you have visibility of it to ensure no reference request ever slips through the cracks.

"The ReferenceNow® feature helped us streamline reference requests across 50 countries."

3. Custom microsites

Our microsites provide an easy way to create and share specific reference content and collateral with prospects in response to a reference request. By being able to quickly deploy a bundle of compelling content and social proof you can speed up the sales cycle and close the deal faster. Our microsites are tracked, so your salespeople get email alerts when content is viewed and they can keep the sale moving towards a close.

4. Rewards and recognition

ReferenceNow® is part of our gamified advocate marketing solution, so reference customers are recognized and rewarded for their contribution to your sales process. On the completion of a reference request, the customer is automatically awarded the predetermined point and/or badges (decided by you) - to reward their effort and encourage further participation.

5. Reporting and Analytics

Powerful reporting and analytics gives you insight into the performance of your customer reference management program. Prove ROI on your program by showing the influence of customer references on specific sales and total revenue. Improve your program with a rich set of operational metrics that will point you towards a more effective program. And keep an eye on which customers are being over and underused.

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