Bring customers into your R&D to drive satisfaction and advocacy

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Delivering a remarkable product is the root of customer satisfaction and advocacy Customers are happy when they get what they need; when you meet their expectations. When they’re happy, they recommend your brand to their peers. When you exceed their expectations, brand advocacy goes into overdrive. The challenge is this: in highly competitive, fast-moving markets,Continue Reading Tagged With: , , , , ,

Why your customers are your best salespeople

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3 reasons why happy customers are better at selling than your sales team Prospective buyers hate pushy sales people, particularly when they interrupt them at the wrong time. It’s always the wrong time. They hate sales people even more when they just talk about their products and don’t take the time to understand their business and listenContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , ,
B2B vs B2C Advocacy

B2C vs B2B Brand Advocacy: 6 Differences

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There are fundamental differences between marketing to consumers and marketing to business buyers: B2B buyers are logical and systematic. Consumers make purchase decisions on a more emotional level. Because these differences impact the way people buy, they also impact the way people advocate the brands they use. With different audiences, motivations, considerations and responsibilities to consider, many ofContinue Reading Tagged With: , ,