CustomerAdvocacy.com named a High Performer in G2 Crowd’s Brand Advocacy Software Grid

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G2 Crowd’s Brand Advocacy Software Grid Spring 2016 helps buyers choose the right brand advocacy platform. CustomerAdvocacy.com is named a High Performer, with 100% of users rating our product with 4 or 5 stars. Brand advocacy platforms help organizations strengthen their brands and drive revenue by amplifying word-of-mouth recommendations, referrals, references and content sharing. Brand advocacyContinue Reading Tagged With: , , ,

Why innovators advocate bleeding edge tech brands

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A significant body of research now shows that providing a great customer experience is the main reason why customers advocate a brand. Delivering remarkable value and customer service creates advocacy. But this is a generalization. If we look more closely at why different types of customer are driven to advocate the technology products they use,Continue Reading Tagged With: , , , ,

What is Advocate Marketing? [Whitepaper]

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Whether you are listening or not, your customers are talking about you – recommending or disapproving your products and services to their peers, colleagues, family and friends. Brand Advocacy is when a customer, employee, partner or influencer voices a positive opinion about your organization, products or services to another customer, prospect, or the market as aContinue Reading Tagged With: , , ,

Creating brand advocates: The root of advocacy

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Advocate Marketing is about finding and mobilizing your happy customers to spread positive word of mouth recommendations and support your marketing objectives. But where do these brand advocates come from? How can you get customers to talk about what you do? What will cause one customer to advocate your brand and your products (or services) when anotherContinue Reading Tagged With: , , ,

The Importance of B2B brand Advocacy

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  Brand advocates are highly satisfied customers who proactively recommend brands, products and services to friends, colleagues, peers and strangers. Research shows that in the B2B world, most people trust word of mouth (WoM) more than all the other sources of information about companies, products and services (such as salespeople, marketing collateral, industry analysts andContinue Reading Tagged With: ,
Brand Advocacy in the social age

3 Tips for Activating Your Customers as Brand Advocates

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Brand advocacy programs in the B2B space continue to grow at astounding rates. Analyst firm IDC states: “By the end of 2016, 50% of companies will have active management of communities and a focus on customer advocacy in the community”. Leading B2B companies understand the importance of harnessing customers to drive Word of Mouth Marketing (WoMM)Continue Reading Tagged With: , ,