Guest blog: Axios Systems selects CustomerAdvocacy.com as alternative to Influitive

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Today we have a guest post from Jessica Baculik at Axios Systems. The guys at CustomerAdvocacy.com asked me to tell the story of our advocacy platform selection, so here goes… We knew we needed to bring more customers into our marketing activities to support our objectives – to scale up marketing reach, drive referrals, launch moreContinue Reading Tagged With: , , ,

How to prevent customer reference burnout

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Here’s a scenario that many marketers will find painfully familiar: A salesperson reaches out to the marketing department to hook up a hot prospect with a suitable customer reference contact (usually with an “ASAP” timescale) in order to keep the sales process moving. You open the usual spreadsheet of reference customers and pick out aContinue Reading Tagged With: , , ,

Advocate Marketing Case Study – Axios Systems

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CustomerAdvocacy.com was approach by Axios Systems, a leading independent ITSM software company, to help drive their new advocate marketing program. The Axios marketing leadership team’s goal was clear – increase the bottom line sales revenue, increase product innovation and adoption, and improve overall customer satisfaction. CustomerAdvocacy.com quickly recognised that loyal customers were an integral component ofContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , ,