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Choosing the right advocate marketing software

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Advocate marketing is a relatively new field of marketing (only around 20% of companies have an advocate marketing program). It can be difficult to evaluate which platform is right for you: few customers in the market have a deep understanding of the features and functions that brand advocacy platforms offer. It’s a challenging choice– soContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , ,
Technology Adoption Lifecycle

How Advocate Marketing helps you cross the chasm

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In Geoffrey Moore’s book, Crossing the Chasm, he describes the strategic marketing jump that tech companies must make to gain traction in mainstream markets. New tech firms with a handful of customers that are innovators or early adopters on the Technology Adoption Lifecycle often find it difficult to break into the early majority and late majorityContinue Reading Tagged With: , , , ,

Support Social Media Marketing with Brand Advocates

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Before social media took off, brand advocates could only share their opinions about products or companies through offline word of mouth. The reach that each customer had was limited to the people physically around them, and those they communicated with on the phone. Brand advocacy was mostly one-to-one affair, so any individual consumer’s power toContinue Reading Tagged With: , ,
Brand Advocacy in the social age

3 Tips for Activating Your Customers as Brand Advocates

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Brand advocacy programs in the B2B space continue to grow at astounding rates. Analyst firm IDC states: “By the end of 2016, 50% of companies will have active management of communities and a focus on customer advocacy in the community”. Leading B2B companies understand the importance of harnessing customers to drive Word of Mouth Marketing (WoMM)Continue Reading Tagged With: , ,