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Your free 30 day period begins the day you press “Start” on your first campaign. During this timeyou will have full access to all features of the program you selected. The following month, billing will begin on a pro rata basis, followed byfull billing the following month. For the first month following a free trial, clients will not be permitted to downgrade to a lessor program.

Programs can be cancelled anytime, though billing cyclesare monthly, soclients will be charged for the full amount of their program in the month they cancel.
Programs can be upgraded or downgraded at any time, though as billing cycles are monthly, upgr

Yes you can. At any time you can change your campaign from requesting reviews to referrals, or visa versa.

Yes, NPS Survey questions can be customized, but caution is strongly recommended. If changed, the question may no longer qualify as an NPS Survey, and therefore comparisons and benchmarks may not be accurate.

If you select the option to survey via email vs text message, then as long as you are willing to upload a few lines of code to your email server, you can have the “From” email address appear as from your site’s domain.

NPS Survey emails are typically better able to make it through firewalls and avoid “junk” email status if they are sent from a domain that clients (1) have whitelisted and (b) look to receive emails from (ie. current vendors). These emails are also more likely to be opened the more senior and well-known the name of the person associated with the email address.

Yes, you can customize the wording of the requests for both reviews and referrals in all packages. In the Enterprise and Gold options, you can A/B test two or more messages to determine which messages produce the best results, and continually A/B test to continuously improve results.